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In order to fill the protein gap and overcome malnutrition, Government of Pakistan felt that poultry was the quickest and least expensive solution. The need to graduate Poultry to a new professional level was identified. Government initiated an intensive poultry rearing program on experimental basis under PIA and Canadian firm M/s-Shavers joint venture. It was 1962 when Commercial Poultry was initially introduced in Pakistan.

In 1981, Dr. Muhammad Aslam and Haji Abbas, Started Islamabad Poultry Breeding Company. It was a humble start, due to hard work and strictly no compromise policy on quality let the company grow rapidly. Further along the avenue due to continuous growth of business another company Islamabad Farms was lunched.


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A bird that has not yet reached the adult stage (originally a dialectal form of chicken)


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Chicken (Breeders)

Chicken is one of the most common types of bird found in the tropical countries after crows and sparrows. It is also one of the most popular domesticated animals in the world. The population of chicken is more than any bird. It is the primary source of food, in terms of meat and eggs both. There are various breeds of chicken hat are found in different geographic locations.


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